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Founder of Manymore, I've been spreading the virus of positive contagion in Europe for over fifteen years, helping leaders and teams who dare to reinvent their future by bringing joy, openness and empowerment into their relationships.

Patrick Stichelmans

Founder of Manymore
Certified coach
Organizational and cultural change coach

As former CEO of the Belgian-Luxembourg branch of an international advertising agency, I initiated and accompanied the change of the entire organization to enable it to return to double-digit growth and embrace the new possibilities offered by the emergence of the Internet at the time.


Years of experience


Certifications & Training

My wide-ranging experience has enabled me to combine the most recognized and effective Executive/Organizational Coaching training with extensive experience acquired in highly competitive economic sectors. For over 11 years, I have been supporting organizations, teams and managers in their organizational and cultural change projects.

My rich background has enabled me to develop a capacity for empathy with many situations encountered by leaders and management teams on the one hand, but also by men and women in the field on the other. As a result, I find it easy to form alliances with high-level management at both local and international level, and I have an impressive ability to listen, fostering trust and speeding up team action. 

Manymore Coaching

Manymore brings together professionals with backgrounds as CEOs, managers, consultants, coaches and trainers for product and service companies in both the public and private sectors.

Our mission is to deploy the Positive Contagion virus for better present and future productivity, in perfect cooperation with the customer's teams. Without endangering leaders, teams or the organization.

Manymore offers you a unique, easy-to-understand and incredibly effective approach to supporting organizational and individual change.

Some examples of our work

AGC - Halio

AGC-Halio is a young start-up that is growing in size and complexity. This project represents a major challenge for its main shareholder AGC. In the first phase, Manymore supported the Executive Committee team, with the main aim of clarifying a shared vision. In a second phase, and following a presentation to the group's HR president, Manymore was asked to implement the Positive Contagion SpiralÒ throughout the organization, with a support plan at all levels.


Shift from expert leader culture to Positive Contagion Leader. Development and implementation of the entire deployment plan. From executive coaching to team and Head Of development. Establishment of constructivist governance. Development of inter-departmental cross-functionality / facilitation of processes for sharing diagnoses and building a shared vision for the future / support for the transformation steering committee.


Coaching a management leader to adopt a more appropriate leadership style. Team-building work with the management team to develop a more cooperative approach. Development and deployment of the new Vision and processes among all employees.


Development and deployment of the Corporate Vision. Support for change in leadership style. Development of a leadership program for all managers. Development of a new charter of values and management principles.


Support for the Management Committee in drawing up and deploying Vision Pharmaciens 3.0. Change management support for the computerization of the "Mon Pharmacien de référence" customer file.


From a hierarchical culture to the Positive Contagion Spiral. Support for cultural change and organizational processes. Empowering all players. Establishing constructivist governance.


Support for the Executive Committee. Development of a manager training program to help implement the new culture of cooperation.


Change management support for the digitalization of the music market. Supported the Board in building a cohesive, high-performance team. Developed and rolled out the new Vision to all managers. Conflict management and mediation.



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