Do you know the 4 killer questions?

It would be more accurate to talk about the 4 questions that foster resilience and support for the new project.

Teams, projects and organizations are changing faster and faster. Whether it's the abandonment of a project, the departure of a CEO, the merger of two entities, etc., etc., very little attention is paid to the emotions, doubts and questioning that go through each and every one of us. And in the case of a merger, there is very little difference between the absorbed and the absorbing parties.

The Systems Approach tells us that to welcome something new, we have to make room. To embrace a new project, you have to mourn the loss of the previous one.

Grief, that notion, that emotion which is so frightening that it is often ignored on the pretext that the corporate project should be enough to motivate the troops.

We're made up of emotions, and giving up an old project, welcoming a new CEO or finding your rightful place in a new entity doesn't happen with a snap of the fingers.

Fortunately, more and more Leaders and HR Managers are becoming aware of the importance of the Grief phase in promoting Resilience.

We systematically offer to deal with mourning, and the results in terms of buy-in to the new project always exceed expectations.

Tip of the day: Encourage buy-in by daring to deal with the grief experienced by your colleagues. 

Daring to listen to emotions and empowering people is also what being a Positive Contagion© Leader is all about.

In this new project, what am I rich in?

What am I absolutely not ready to give up?

What am I happy to leave behind?

What else do I want to learn/experience thanks to this new project?